Alternative Energies

Energy efficiency and environmental sensitivity have been hallmarks of Hammersmith Construction’s approach since 1980. We specialize in utilizing green practices in our new construction, renovations, design consulting and energy auditing services.

Our design process and construction techniques work together seamlessly to create a competitively priced, high-end, sustainable home. Our services include site analysis and obtaining local permits, foundation, photovoltaic and solar thermal panels, non-toxic paints, natural flooring, eco-friendly insulation, and other sustainable systems.

We design, install and maintain solar energy systems—in fact, our goal is to build an energy efficient to Passive Haus standards, zero net energy or Off-Grid home. Like all the services you get from Hammersmith Construction, we go the “extra mile” when it comes to being environmentally sensitive: For example, we recycle all the cardboard we use on your project—we don’t just throw it away.

Thoughtful, beautiful design, environmentally friendly materials, efficient building systems, and competitive pricing are elements that will help make your home unique.